"Zhuzh It Up" Clip
0 views • Sep 17, 2023
Now on Digital, Blu-ray™& DVD Get it now: https://paramnt.us/GetLikeABoss Best friends Mia and Mel (Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne) are living their best lives running their own cosmetics company they’ve built from the ground up. Unfortunately, they’re in over their heads financially, and the prospect of a big buyout offer from a notorious titan of the cosmetics industry Claire Luna (Salma Hayek) proves too tempting to pass up, putting Mel and Mia’s lifelong friendship in jeopardy. The beauty business is about to get ugly. Featuring: Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne, Jennifer Coolidge, Billy Porter, Salma Hayek Subscribe To Paramount Movies: https://paramnt.us/YouTube Connect with LIKE A BOSS online: Visit LIKE A BOSS on our WEBSITE: https://paramnt.us/LikeABossOfficialSite Like LIKE A BOSS on FACEBOOK: https://paramnt.us/LikeABossFB Follow LIKE A BOSS on TWITTER: https://paramnt.us/LikeABossTW Follow LIKE A BOSS on INSTAGRAM: https://paramnt.us/LikeABossIG #LikeABoss #JenniferCoolidge #ParamountMovies Welcome to the Paramount Movies Channel official YouTube destination for Blu-ray & Digital releases! See trailers, exclusive clips and videos of our movies, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Top Gun, A Quiet Place, Transformers, Star Trek, Forrest Gump, Mission: Impossible, and many more! Connect with PARAMOUNT MOVIES online: Visit PARAMOUNT MOVIES on our WEBSITE: https://paramnt.us/ParamountMoviesOfficialSite Like PARAMOUNT MOVIES on FACEBOOK: https://paramnt.us/ParamountMoviesFB Follow PARAMOUNT MOVIES on TWITTER: https://paramnt.us/ParamountMoviesTW Follow PARAMOUNT MOVIES on INSTAGRAM: https://paramnt.us/ParamountMoviesIG LIKE A BOSS | "Zhuzh It Up" Clip | Paramount Movies https://www.youtube.com/c/paramountmovies/videos
Like a Boss
Two female friends with very different ideals decide to start a beauty company together. One is more practical, while the other wants to earn her fortune and live a lavish lifestyle.

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