Father of the Bride Part II (1995) 35mm film trailer, flat open matte, 2160p trichromy
0 views • Jul 16, 2022
This 35mm film trailer has been bought on eBay and transferred to digital using the Gugusse Roller. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113041/ The Gugusse Roller is a DIY project consisting mainly of 3D Printed parts, a Raspberry Pi and 3 stepper motors. Build your own Gugusse Roller, visit www.deniscarl.com and/or www.facebook.com/Gugusse-Roller-2216783521714775 This is an open matte transfer, which means the picture is flat and can fill the whole area, normally the projectionist is expected to add a cache to hide the top and bottom part of the screen (soft matte) to show in a widescreen aspect. I did not apply such thing and therefore at some points you can see some microphones, light diffuser and other movie artefacts that you would normally not see in the theater. Open matte stuff: 00:03 - sun shade (repeats) 00:15 - lighting equipment 00:22 - mic 01:11 - mic in car 01:29 - mic tip 01:39 - disappearing mic 02:02 - long mic 02:10 - mic 02:12 - mic 02:14 - mic
Father of the Bride Part II
Just when George Banks has recovered from his daughter's wedding, he receives the news that she's pregnant ... and that George's wife is expecting too. He was planning on selling their home, but that's a plan that—like George—will have to change with the arrival of both a grandchild and a kid of his own.

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