Slasher (TV Series) || 2016 || Trailer/Teaser
37 views • Aug 1, 2019
Die erste Geschichte der Anthologieserie „Slasher“ handelt von einer jungen Frau, die in ihre Heimatstadt zurückkehrt, wo sie ins Zentrum einer Serie von Morden rückt. Morde, welche die grausame Tötung ihrer Eltern nachstellen. Jetzt auch mit deutschem Untertiteln. Slasher is an upcoming American television drama-anthology series starring Katie McGrath. Slasher is the first own-produced series by US TV channel Chiller and centers around a young woman who is confronted with a series of horrifying copycat murders, that are based on the widely-known killings of her parents years ago. A first trailer has been released on November 26, 2015.
Thirty years ago, in the sleepy community of Waterbury, a killer known as “The Executioner” murdered Sarah Bennett's parents. Now Sarah and her husband Dylan have returned to town, only to find herself the centerpiece in a series of horrifying murders centered around the seven deadly sins.

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