Kill Bill: Vol. 1 | "My Name Is Buck" (HD) - A Tarantino Film Starring Uma Thurman | 2003
0 views • Mar 25, 2022
The Bride begins her quest for vengance. In this scene: The Bride (Uma Thurman), Buck (Michael Bowen) About Kill Bill: Volume 1 Four years after taking a bullet in the head at her own wedding, The Bride emerges from a coma and decides it's time for payback... with a vengeance. Having been gunned down by her former boss Bill and his deadly squad of international assassins, it's a kill-or-be-killed fight she didn't start, but is determined to finish. Starring, in alphabetical order: David Carradine, Vivica A. Fox, Daryl Hannah, Lucy Liu, Michael Madsen, Uma Thurman About Miramax: Miramax is a global film and television studio best known for its highly acclaimed, original content. Connect with Miramax Online: Subscribe to Miramax on YOUTUBE: Follow Miramax on TWITTER: Follow Miramax on INSTAGRAM: Follow Miramax on PINTEREST: Follow Miramax on TUMBLR: Visit Miramax on our WEBSITE: Kill Bill: Vol. 1 | "My Name Is Buck" (HD) - A Tarantino Film Starring Uma Thurman | 2003
Kill Bill: Vol. 1
An assassin is shot by her ruthless employer, Bill, and other members of their assassination circle – but she lives to plot her vengeance.

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